Les Arondes @ The Black Sheep

To celebrate the birthday of Subsonic, groups were playing at The Black Sheep. First out was Les Arondes, which is a great band who makes it impossible not to move your legs during their concert!

Here's some of the photos I took last friday (more to come on the other groups)


Lately I've had the pleasure to contribute to other people's work with my photos! I've said to myself that 2014 would be the year I say yes to things, it's starting out well!

With The Cumulus Factory (click on the link to see the site and to order) that's driven by Adina Levy my photos became cushions.

On her site she writes the story behind it:

"Hi! I’m Adina. I design, make and sell cushions, bags and fabric. I started making and selling things aged 8 – my ambitious debut was selling quilled paper cards at Maroubra Public School markets in Sydney. I started The Cumulus Factory in late 2012.

I have a passion for colour and a mission to design and make exciting, long-lasting products. I am always particularly excited when I custom design cushions to match my customers’ dreams.

When I’m not sewing, I’m either: travelling, dreaming about travelling, getting inspired by the natural and made world around me, being a speech pathologist, teaching English, or enjoying life in Bondi, Australia."

And Robert Stastny used one of my photos from South Africa for the cover of his e-book.

Concerts: The Healthyboy and The Badass Motherfucker + Marylin Rambo + Desicobra @ The Black Sheep

Yesterday was fun, great bands. Though some photos have a shitty quality I'll keep them for the memories!

First out was The Healthyboy and The Badass Motherfucker (shortest band name ever huh)

Next out was Marylin Rambo
And last out was Desicobra

Swedish night out

Tapas, drinks, speaking swedish (no shit), making jokes and just having a good time. Fun night!